Celana Hawkeye Shikar Thai Short

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A hunter is the definition of a man’s man, the excitement, pain, and dedication of scouring the unknown jungle to track and subdue a top predator in its realm can define what it means to be an adventurer. The Shikar Thai Short leopard pattern and bold colors represent the thrill of the hunt; the fight short features a satin material with high-precision stitching, Sublimated graphics with the Hawkeye logo embroidery lower left side, and our logo embroidered in the waist. In addition, the New Fight Ready waistband ensures your whole movement without interference from the short with the solid elastic material.

Hawkeye Fightwear Presents Fight World Combat Shorts
Harness The Power Of The World.

Hawkeye Fightwear Presents a new collection for warriors worldwide to showcase their power in training or fighting in the ring. Our new boxing shorts and muay Thai shorts are centered around different cultures, and each of the precision-crafted fight shorts has a different story and meaning of its own.

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