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BFG was founded this year (2021) by two people who share the same passion in KICKBOXING

We are the BALI distributor selling a full range of self-defense equipment especially in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and MMA (Mixed Martial Art)

We are the official distributor for Hawkeye, HOOK, VENUM-RINGHORN, BN, MaxxMMA and many more. We are offering to you only top quality and trusted brands to support our full range of only quality products.

To be the largest and most comprehensive supplier in BALI that can provide our customers’ sports needs, especially at this time boxing, kickboxing, Muaythai and MMA (Mixed Martial Art)

Is to not only offer to B2C sales and service but we are also looking forward to work together with B2B such as Fight Camps, Gym’s or other Sport Resellers across all of BALI and Indonesia. Together we can expand the market size, encourage add on sales and become BALI’s one stop shopping to all our customer needs

Our team of dedicated professionals bring decades of traditional business and fight experience. Supported by a dedicated kickboxing coach who started teaching his fight art in 2012. Experienced and top creative people in marketing, social media, photography and videography skills which really gives our business the latest cutting edge tools to market our products and services in this competitive market place for the customers attention and retention

We are the official distributor for Big Brands so you don’t have to worry about originality for the brands we sell. We are offering to you only top quality and trusted brands to support our full range of only best quality

You can purchase our product here and easily pay with paypal or manually transfer to our BCA account from your mobile or internet banking

When you become membership you officially will receive member/special price and many other benefit* (tems and conditions apply)

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